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Find the Good in Every Day

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everyday_may_not_be-40335Some days just suck.

One of the kids wakes you up at 3am because the blanket wasn’t covering all of their toes.  Then of course you can’t go back to sleep right away because walking upstairs to cover up those piggies also woke the cats, who decide it’s the perfect time to perform a circus act on top of you in bed.  You get back to sleep just in time for everyone to wake up.  The coffee pot’s broken.  You have the wrong kind of jelly according to your darling-yet-picky child.  You get in the car just in time to get the children to school before the bell rings only to realize that you’re out of gas.  It’s all downhill from there.  The cosmos just isn’t on your side.

We all have those days.  The days when you wish you could hit the reset button.

Then just when you’re about to throw the towel in and crawl back in bed you look out the kitchen window and see a family of deer grazing in your yard.  Carefree fawns surrounded by nurturing mothers.  It’s one of my favorite sights.  One of the few scenes that brings complete peace and awe for me.  At least until my toddler comes crashing through the door and scares the deer away ruining my moment.

But it was a moment.  A moment in a not-so-good day that brought me joy.  A moment to remind me that just because my day didn’t start off peachy, that doesn’t mean that it can’t end well.  The sum of a day might not be top notch, but there is good to be found strewn throughout.  We just have to pause long enough to see it.

What turns your bad day around?  Maybe deer isn’t your thing.  But we all have a thing.

How about a challenge?   How about for the next month we take a moment at the end of each day to write down the best part of our day.  I bet you’ll find that your sum equals a pretty good life.

  • dorothy williamson
    August 20, 2015

    I like this post should be for everyone

  • Jennifer Brooks
    August 19, 2015

    Hope all of your days are good! Miss you but am glad to be in touch with you. It always makes me happy to see you with your beautiful family! Be well and happy!

  • Joanne Grafinger
    August 19, 2015

    So true in so many ways! So excited about your blog! Not enough good news is out there! I look forward to your journey!

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