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I don’t like change.  When I see change coming, I look at it and politely say “no thanks, dude.  Not interested”.  I like to go to the same restaurants over and over.  I’ve watched the same news channel my entire life.  And I love my pastors at church so when someone new steps up to give a sermon, I’m looking for the simplest escape route.

Yesterday, this very thing happened and I gave my husband the side eye.  Who was this young guy and how could he possibly have anything to say that would be pertinent to my life?

Well, not only did he drop the proverbial mike, he seemed to be speaking directly to me and to my new venture as a blogger.  He spoke about joy and about how joy is one of God’s many gifts to us, however that “joy is intentionally pursued”.


Sometimes joy isn’t handed to us; sometimes joy has to be sought.  And it’s not hard.  Remember when I wrote about “finding the good in every day”?  It’s pretty much the same concept: Pause long enough to notice the good in your life.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have rainbows shooting out of my body at all times.  And I’m the first to recognize that finding joy is a more difficult task for some people than it is for others due to differing challenges in individual lives.  I have my down time, my bad moments.  But I talk myself into making them moments, not days.  I do what I have to do to seek joy.  For me, it’s as simple as taking stock of all the joyous things in my life, which are plentiful.  And if that doesn’t work, I force myself to sing a song to my kids, or go for a bike ride, or text a friend to never fails to make me laugh.

My new pastor (the one who I was ready to tune out because of my reluctance of change) also said that you have to “put yourself in the path of joy”.  <Insert slow clap>  Your coworkers are a negative bunch?  Then you have to be the one to bring joy into the workplace.  If someone is withdrawing more joy from your life than making deposits?  It may be time to close that account.

If you see a truck-full of joy heading your way, dive in front of it.  Don’t miss an opportunity to wrap your arms around any semblance of brightness that you find.  And if you’re like me and you scoff at change, join me in trying to embrace change, because change is a form of seeking joy.  I’m glad that I embraced change at church yesterday, because this new guy is joyful.


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