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I’ve been a member of a Facebook group called Raleigh Moms Group for a couple years now.  Think 7,000+ local moms with children of all ages asking for advice about anything from breastfeeding tips to how to deal with a child’s teacher, venting about mother-in-law issues and bosses who aren’t mom-friendly, searching for the best preschool or dance class, and seeking for guidance for how to handle life’s everyday challenges.  A group this size could consist of a bunch of moms with too much time on their hands and could really clog up a newsfeed with nonsense.  And it’s needless to say that a group of women this big could result in some popcorn eating-worthy arguments and cattiness.

But honestly, it’s not.  Sure, there’s the occasional snarky remark made by the overly tired mom behind the computer screen.  Overall, though, it’s really a bunch of moms who all want the same thing: To be a good parent.  To do the best for our children.

The creator of this group is someone whom I’ve never met.  Her name is Betsy Coley, and she’s a Raleigh mom who, in 2011, found herself not having enough people in which to ask “mom” questions.  Raleigh Moms Group was born.

This group isn’t rare.  There are Mom Groups throughout every town in America by now.  I think what sets this particular one apart is that the moms are generally kind to one another and if not, the people who Betsy has trusted to “admin” the site have quick but fair hands.

There are several common themes on Raleigh Moms Group:  Certain topics of conversations that come up frequently.  Betsy noticed that one common denominator was the number of moms ready and eager to help fellow local moms and families in need.  If someone posted something about a single mom who was down on her luck and out of a job, there’d be dozens of other moms asking how they could help.  If someone posted about a mom whose husband died suddenly, there’d be a line of moms ready to lend a hand.  If someone posted about a child who didn’t have a winter coat, then you’d better believe that kid would have a warm coat by the time the last leaf fell.  We’re just a big ole bunch of loving and helpful people who ache at the thought of a struggling mother or child in our community.  Like Betsy said, “Whenever there was a call for help, the Raleigh Moms Group raised their hands by the truckload.”

Because of this eagerness to help, Raleigh Moms CARE was born.  Raleigh Moms CARE is a non-profit that has branched out of Raleigh Moms Group.  Their mission is to provide local mothers care, support and empowerment, with their sights set on two main projects: To support the local school system (Wake County) as well as the Giving Hands Program.  For Wake County, they are launching a “Raleigh Moms CARE Teacher Grant”, hoping to provide teachers with classroom grants in order to enhance their overall educational experience.  And through the “Giving Hands Program” they’ll be accepting gently used baby items and giving them to local families in need.

Let’s face it.  There’s always a need.  Thinking of the needs and hardships of others can be quite overwhelming.  How could I possibly make a dent in the problems in our community when the needs are so great?  How can one person make a difference in the world?  Raleigh Moms CARE is showing that making a difference in the world starts in a community.  One person can make a difference, but one person who has a platform with 7,175 members can make a huge difference in one town.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every town’s moms all banded together to help their fellow sisters-in-motherhood?  Betsy and Raleigh Moms Care are showing that not only is it possible, it’s really a necessity in today’s “fend-for-yourself” world.

They’re having their launch party/fundraiser at Neuse River Brewing Company on November 14 from 11-3.  It’s a family-friendly event and all are welcome, however tickets are required for the event.

For more information on Raleigh Moms CARE or for tickets to the fundraiser event, visit their facebook page


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