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Luca-Approved Valentines

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Eight-year-old boys do NOT like being mushy around their friends.


Professing love or adoration is not acceptable to 2nd grade boys.  (Only to their mothers!)


In all elementary grades, cooties are in full effect.


Boys don’t like to be crafty and don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day because of the first three facts.

Boys, I’ve found, actually love doing art projects just as much as girls.  The messier the better.  And though Luca likes to omit the mush, he loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his friends.  Therefore, I’ve become somewhat of an expert in coming up with Luca-approved Valentines.  He is a self-proclaimed artist and connoisseur of all things cool.  Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of 14 Boy Approved DIY Valentines, all to which Luca gave his stamp of approval.

Click HERE for 14 Boy-Approved DIY Valentines

And one more:

This is the one that Luca decided to give his friends this year.  It made the grade on all counts:

  • Cool
  • Unique
  • Fun
  • No mush
We found these foam glider planes in the party section at Target for $3 per 6 pack.  Luca typed and printed the message “Valentine, You Make My Heart Soar” (if that’s even too lovey dovey for your boy, see if he’ll approve of “Our Friendship Makes My Heart Soar”) and hand wrote his name then tied it to each plane.  Tada!  A Luca-approved Valentine that he’s excited to give his friends!What are your favorite DIY Valentines?  Or do you prefer to skip the unnecessary craftiness and buy pre-made cards?



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