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Above the Fray

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It’s time to acknowledge that in two weeks, one of these buffoons will be the new leader of the United States.  This means that:

  1. Approximately 40% of our country will be bloated with the ego of a win, even though they’re merely meh about their candidate; 
  2. Approximately 50% of our population will be pissed.  That’s 162 million ticked off peeps, and;
  3. Roughly 10% of our nation will actually be happy and excited about our new Commander in Chief, whichever way this clown pendulum may swing.

People are wondering how we are going to heal as a whole when we are so divided.  I think healing is a loose term, because politics are nasty for the years in between elections, not just during campaigning cycles.  (Although I mean, seriously, do politicians ever stop campaigning?  Jeez.  Get to work already, ya doofuses.)  But I do believe that, even though this one has been particularly ugly, we as friends and neighbors will remain friendly and neighborly on November 9.  When given the choice, wouldn’t we rather not be walking around feeling inflated with bitterness?  And on the flip side, are you showing kindness to your friends by treating them like losers and scum?

That being said, this is one heckuva vile environment in which we are living.  The vitriol spreading through not only both camps but throughout all of social media is toxic and disappointing.  I’ve seen and heard seemingly rational people stoop to supremely low levels of fierce hatred about not only the candidates but their supporters.  What, so we expect diversity to be welcomed in our culture but cannot accept it in our political beliefs?  Shall we all pray to transform into robots with no personalities and opinions? 

I have some pretty strong points of view with my political leanings, but my yearning for goodness is far stronger (in fact, that actually might make it impossible to vote for President this go ’round).  It’s so easy to get swept up in the venom of this season that sometimes we find it nearly impossible to stay above the fray.  We are drowning ourselves in hatred, negativity and hostility.  Why would we choose to live like this?  Because we each believe that one knucklehead is less bad than the other?  I refuse to let these two idiots drown me.   

Therefore, now more than ever, we have to focus on the goodZero in on that shit like your life depends on it.  If we are to survive this apocalypse of certain doom, our only choice is to seek out a moral high ground.  I feel like I need my magnifying glass to search for good news stories hidden amongst the newscasts, but if that’s what I have to do, then so be it.  There are some amazing people in this country doing extraordinary things for their fellow humans.  Let’s keep our eye on those good stories and people, and box out the never do-gooders.  Our children are watching us and hearing our words.  (“Orange Man”, “That Woman”.  Seriously?  Racist and Misogynistic much?)  So shoot for exceptional kindness, but at the very least, be good.

Now, can we make a pact?  Can we please promise that:

  1. If your person wins, that you’ll not gloat to the point of making all of those around you nauseous?  Nobody likes a bragger.
  2. If your person loses, you’ll lick your wounds, stay off of Facebook for a week, then come back ready to deal with reality with a smidgen of positivity?  In fact, how about we all ban Facebook from our lives the week following election day, because all of us are either gonna be a pisser or a pissee.  The fact of the matter, given our choices, we are all losers.

Then we can hug it out and never mention 2016 again.  Amen.


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