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Bacon Avocado Salad

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I love summer!  Bathing suit-clad babies running through sprinklers!  Pizza deliveries at the pool!  Sand castles at the beach!  All those things are dream activities for me, but to me, nothing says summer like a BLT.

Every year I hope to have a beautiful tomato plant.  And every year, I’m disappointed.  I’m not sure what it is with me and tomatoes.  Too much shade, not enough sun.  Lazy watering habits.  Or deer.  When in doubt, blame the deer.  And don’t get me started on cucumbers.  I have no idea who to blame for these cuc-balls.

But luckily, we’re not far away from our town’s Farmer’s Market.  I also happen to live just a stone’s throw away from a tomato stand.  I know that summer has officially arrived when I see the tomato sign go up.

This year, I’ve discovered my love of avocado.  A slice of avocado on top of anything will make it better.

And bacon.  I love me some bacon.  I just hate making it.  If you don’t mind the death-defying splatters of bacon grease, then you go right ahead and do that, Evil Knievel.  But now that I have learned to bake bacon, well, there’s no turning back.  Is that the saying?  Once you bake bacon you never go back?

How to make Bake-in:  Put your bacon on a foil-lined cookie sheet.  The slices can touch just barely so that you can fit it all on one sheet.  Put the sheet in a COLD oven, then heat the oven to 400* for 15 minutes.  It may take a minute or two longer, but check it at 15 minutes.  Once it’s at the perfect amount of crispy, take it out and lay the bacon on a paper toweled plate.  Toss the foil and wala!  Perfect bacon.





So take all of my favorite things and add a couple spoonfuls of Duke’s mayo (say whaaat?  You don’t use Duke’s?  Get outta the south and go back to Rhode Island, my friend.  Down here we use Duke’s.) and sit in your little corner of heaven.  Eat it as-is, or make more of a meal of it and pile it on top of a piece of grilled chicken and you’ve got an ideal summer supper.


1 Tomato

1 Cucumber

1 Avocado

A package of bacon

Mayo (I use Duke’s Light, because the word “Light” makes it healthy)

Salt and Pepper


Seed and chop the tomato





Peel, seed and chop the cucumber





Peel, seed and chop the avocado (Yes, I felt the need to point out to seed the avocado.  That sucker is big and I’m assuming it would add too much crunch to my delicious salad.)




Cook the bacon and cut it up.

Put it all in a bowl and mix in the mayo.  Only put in a little at a time.  It’s like I always say:  You can always add more mayo but it’s really hard to take it out.  Ok, that’s the first time I’ve said that but it’s true.

Season with salt and pepper.