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Mystery Elves

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This is Leo. Leo is our next door neighbor and one of our favorite people.  He's a retired engineer, a recent widow, a guitar and keyboard player, and just so happens to be the sweetest man around.  We always keep Leo in mind when it's peach season (his favorite) and we visit the Farmer's Market.  Or at ...

My Day Pass to Happyland

Today, I went to Happyland. What is Happyland, you ask?  I'd venture to say that it's not too far of a stretch to compare Happyland to The North Pole.  At both, you'll instantly be transported to the whimsy of your childhood at Christmastime.  At both, you'll be blinded by dazzling lights; so bright that the Russians can no doubt see them ...

Be Thankful and Be Giving

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One of the harder aspects of being a parent is finding a balance between giving our children a fun and fulfilling life and teaching them that excess doesn't always equal happiness.  In other words, it's hard not to spoil our kids. It's easy to get caught up in our own worlds and forget about the world ...

Operation Christmas Child

The Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's Purse shoebox drive has become one of the traditions that my children and I most look forward to during the holiday season.  I always plan to pack one box per child, so 3 boxes total, and it never fails that that number is doubled.  So this year I went ahead and ...

Janie’s Got a G(ood Friend)

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So by now you should all know of my one-sided love affair with Steven Tyler.  And while you may think (though you'd be wrong) that another band is superior, there is no denying that there is an Aerosmith song for every Sweet Emotion you might feel. Feeling a tad down and like things aren't going your way?  "Livin' ...

The Littlest Gabe

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Reading about stories like this is what my website lives for, y'all. Safe Delivery in the Congo October 19, 2015 • Democratic Republic of the Congo Gabe and Livvy with newborn Gabriella A new maternity ward provides mothers with a safe place to give birth. On October 10, a mother struggled in labor in a remote area of the Democratic ...

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